Fauxbonichi FAQ

About the Official Hobonichi:

Originating in Japan in 2002, the Hobonichi Techo, was a creation of the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun company and Japanese copywriter, Shigesato Itoi and has been growing in popularity in the last decade.  A cross between a scheduler, notebook, art journal, diary...the Hobonichi planner has unlimited possibilities for uses.

In 2013, the Hobonichi Planner was released as an English verison of the Hobonichi Techo.

To visit the official Hobonichi Planner website, click here.

So what is a "Fauxbonichi"?

The term fauxbonichi is a play on the words "faux" (or fake) and the brand Hobonichi.  Fauxbonichis are a DIY (do-it-yourself) version of the official Hobonichi Planner.  Fauxbonichis are a great starter to the Hobonichi style for those interested or just beginning in the world of Hobonichi...

Official Hobonichi Planners are still relatively new to the planner world and because of their beautiful and high-quality craftmanship...are a pretty dang pricey investment to make especially if you realize down the line that the Hobonichi style is just not for you...

How do I make my Fauxbonichi?

There are many different ways to create your own.  The most common way is to find a grid-lined journal or notebook.  Many people like the Miquel Rius journal which can be found at local Barnes & Noble bookstores in the US, Barnes & Noble online through the Miquel Rius website, or through Amazon.  Another alternative is the Midori brand, A5 Grid Notebook.  Many people have also been lucky and found generic grid-lined notebooks at Walmart or other local stationary stores.  

Find your inspiration on Hobonichi-style setups from various places: the Official Hobonichi website, search YouTube, Instagram, and even try joining Facebook groups dedicated to Hobonichis/Fauxbonichis.  I will try to keep an update list of Hobonichi-related websites on the "Resources" page of this blog...

The beauty of Hobonichi/Fauxbonichi is that YOU have the ability to create a system that works best for you.  There are many different set-ups, styles, preferences to choose from!

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